Wednesday, July 7, 2010



I just looked around
And I found you right beside me
Looked at me too...
But, you seem so far...

I still used to talk and laugh with you.
Things between you and me flow in the same way as before.
But I don't know if there's still love in you...
Just assuming you do love me too, like I do...

You always come closer to me.
You always do me a favour.
You make me feel important.
And I feel that we still have the things we had in the past,

Though it's not...

Thinking of those things, I want you to hug me again.
I want to feel your embrace to warm these cold feelings of mine...
and I just want to say,


1 comment:

avinash chaudhary said...

wht happened bro!
turned to POET!
i hope u really mean ur words coz anyone who criticizes or discards smthing hv a great affection for the same.
good work!
keep writing n smiling!