Monday, July 19, 2010


DG here is nothing scary. In fact she is too pretty and of course too sweet to handle. You might need to skim through the last post to know what this entity means.


For the past few months,

I am having scary dreams,

Better call them nightmares,

They kind of haunt me,

They scare me,

They sometimes make me pee,

Well definitely not literally,

But certainly they are macabre.


She is a girl, a pretty girl,

She haunts me,

The scary part, she kisses me,

She is a vampire,

She sucks the life out of me,

She tries to kill me,


But I think she loves me,

Oh hell, save me somebody,


Everyday I get up,

With a new hope to forget the nightmare,

I fight with my mind,

I fight with my dream,


The dream that once made me proud,

That once made me smile,

That once made me forget all the pain,

That once sailed me through disdain,


As the clock ticks dusk,

I feel blown up like husk,

I start feeling it was just another day,

I give you my life, for a few years of hay,




I could have completed this draft by now but…………I certainly will some other day….!!@@!!

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abhishek said...

good one....keep going..