Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just not the monsoon I was waiting for…(part-3)


Is it wrong to love you if you’re so far away?
To wish to hold you and ask if you’re okay?
When I call and you’re not there, it hurts,
I wonder if this relationship will work.
Day after day I remember your beautiful face,
And feel inspired to go on in the chase.
I love you so much, so much till I cry,
On the phone I hear your saddened sigh.
What do you see in me? You tell.
This is a love that could never be.
I’m here and you’re there, and you f***in’ hate me,
Stop calling. Its over. Just live without me.
I cry and cry, day after day, night after night,
Hoping and praying that you may change your mind.

I LOVE YOU GAL…………!!@@!!


avinash chaudhary said...

its really a very touching poem....u hv handled ur emotions wid gr8 delicacy.
gud work keep it upppp!@@!

Ode to Hades said...

Thnx dude...I guess u automatically get closer to wht you say as you feel it...

A dreamer who lost in a night world said...

grt yaar ..............