Monday, September 20, 2010



Being a petty member of our human race It just happened to me to brief out something which I feel is a stigma on the face of mankind. And moreover being a part of the civil society I reserve every right to express my concern over the issue.

I hope nobody is going to freak out if I say trust if the most basic requirement for a relation to flourish. We as humans have been bestowed by the almighty several different ways to express our trust. The day I filled out the verbosely designed form for TISCO I took it as a chance to express something that I would like to give back to the society. Society gives us so many things. How do we revert back to it? As the citizens are we trustworthy? Can our words be trusted?

Before commenting anything over this dilemma of mine I would like to share something with you fellahs. I happened to go to my our newly appointed placement officer before the Indian Army interview to get my certificates attested. I was not carrying my original certificates with me. So I requested the professor to countersign my certificates. He simply nodded his head signalling that he was not going to attest the copies under any circumstances. Being a very untidy and careless person I had forgotten to collect my certificates from the college those were submitted at the time of admission. But when I am wrong I accept the fault is mine. But my certificates were genuine. Even a electronics professor tried to convince the stubborn ass by saying that he knows me personally and my certificates were original. But he was rigid. But he didn’t know that no body cares for his uncanny stupid attitude. We are used to ignore such professors as we are NITPians. And I could attend the interview without any attestation required.

The point I want to make over here is that why is the value of a man’s word so low. He could have had faith in me and countersigned my certificates as it was only a formality. But the ever so growing cases of forgery, fraud and corruption have forced our authorities to have there balls in their throat. They are scared.

Leave my case talking about the general life. If a man at the railway station comes to you and seeks some help saying that his wallet has been stolen. 95 % among us would walk away pretending that we don’t care and as if the guy seeking help is a beggar or a criminal. What if your son, brother or somebody close happens to be stranded in a metropolis and be mistreated like dirt? YEAH that’s where the weak link is. Had I been the ward of some professor or the dean the Placement officer would have attested my certificates without even caring for whether they are true copies or the the scanned ones.

So my dilemma is why has the value of our words  declined so much. Even if it comes to making relations. Why are we scared in getting committed? Just because we don’t trust our partner as much as we should. And why wouldn’t we be scared when we can’t rule out the chances of being betrayed at some point of time. Even the strongest of the relations get screwed up because of petty issues and minor misunderstandings. Even I couldn’t fathom it how this dog’s summer whistled passed sweeping all the greens from the olive rendering me pale and devastated. Even I never could imagine how my words were not worth it.

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