Monday, March 1, 2010

The worst holi of ma life…

Holi is a fest of colors filling in various hues in the already colorless lives of ours. But this time around it was more of a day which nobody wishes to come across.

The day filled with gaudy loudspeakers all over the city making a brouhaha. In our lane I saw people taking the shit out of the sewer lines and throwing on every passer-by. The sheer fear of being a victim to these critures I couldn’t dare to step out of ma flat and thus chose to stay in there. I even couldn’t even go to ma relatives to kept calling all day long.

Ma mom was the sole saviour in this bitching world to be with me all day be it on the phone. Tried calling some close friends but everyone had only the time enough to say ‘HAPPY HOLI’ and get the reply ‘SAME TO YOU’.  Anyway i shouldn’t be complaining as everyone have there priorities and well the day was Holi so why to miss the chance to enjoy the thrill of playing colors with family and near and dear ones.

So the day passed by I only did one thing except sleeping was browsing the net, checking the tweets and facebook updates.

Although i came out of ma shell in the evening and rode to some of the buddies who spent the day just like me with Amit and Sourin and then we went for a little walk around the college campus which was a den all day long for the college guys who were drunk and did dig out the college fountain.

Alcohol was the only thing in the atmosphere. And guess was i was so frustrated that even on this day i could think of this thing only. Me and Amit set out on our bike to HAZIPUR to get the ultimate thing. We took the bottles and believe me the day was so  frustrating that we even didn’t drink. I remember not being able to consume even one single peg.

So we finally came to the conclusion that nothing could happen today so we better go to bed just like the way we spent our daytime. So thus I went to bed at 12. Before sleeping I tried calling someone only to find the number being switched off. Thus ended the worst Holi of my life till now.

But i am happy to find that solitude is the only weakness that I have and that’s the sole thing that could lead to a downfall. I remember going frenzy at times that day.



We went to bed hoping to have a better day the next dawn.

Guess what Harsh’s(ma friend) dad is coming today and I fucking have to clean up the mess with Amit. Wiping out the cigarette filters and disposing off the RC bottles are some of the jobs on hand. So off for now.



Agentno47 said...


hw cum u guyz did nt drink yesterday!!!!!!!

n does tht mean ki woh bottle abhi bhi bachi hui hai

nywayz,harsh ke dad kab tak aayenge cox main bhi aane ki soch raha tha aaj udhar:)

Ode to Hades said...

he din come juss scared us...i spent 2 hours cleaning up the mess..